What Should You Expect?


Many medical offices throughout New York City look to our agency to find the high quality personnel they need. We meet with potential applicants and conduct interviews, comprehensive reference checks, and review field experience prior to sending out resumes to our clients.  


Upon arrival at Larkin all applicants are given an application and reference form to fill out. On average, it takes 15 minutes to complete all of the necessary documentation. Please come prepared with a copy of your resume, reference information (must be professional references) or reference letters, any relevant diplomas/certifications, and a photo ID.


After filling out your application you will be interviewed by either Nancy or Amy. Keep in mind that because we are an agency we are just conducting an initial interview to assess how prepared you are for potential future opportunities. The length of our interviews varies per person because of different backgrounds and skill sets. Nancy and Amy work with you during your interview to go over your resume and can also provide you with feedback on your interviewing skills.



Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How does Larkin get job orders?

    • Private practices, hospitals and other healthcare offices contact us directly seeking to fill positions.  Doctors often outsource to an agency to help locate applicants that match their job descriptions.  For this reason the majority of our positions, unless otherwise specified, require a minimum of two years experience in the healthcare field. 

  2. Does Larkin really have jobs?

    • Yes, we get new jobs in continuously.  Although economic change does affect the flow of jobs we receive, Larkin has been a respected name in the healthcare field since 1935.  We are affiliated with both hospitals and private practices that contact us directly with staffing needs.

  3. Do I pay a fee to work with Larkin?

    • Good news! As an applicant there is no fee.  We are contracted out by hospitals and private practices that we bill directly.  We cannot guarantee a job to everyone who walks through our door, but we are committed to doing our best to help you.

  4. How does the application process work?

    • First step is to send us your resume.  If you have the experience required for the job posted and excellent checkable references we will call you in for an interview.

  5. How do I know if you received my resume?

    • We carefully review all the resumes we receive and do our best to contact applicants who we think would be a great match. If you submit your resume by fax or e-mail there is a chance every so often a fax will not go through, an attachment cannot be opened and an email is lost.  If you have more questions or think yours was lost in the mix, please give us a call.

  6. My information has changed, how can I update it with Larkin?

    • Please email us directly with any updated information.  Remember to include “UPDATED RESUME” in the subject line so we can forward to the appropriate channels and update our records:

  7. What formats do you require the uploaded resume to be in?

    • All uploaded documents must be in Word or PDF format only.

  8. Do I get to choose which employers get my resume?

    • Unfortunately no.  The staff at Larkin does the best it possibly can to match the right candidates with the right job.  However, helpful suggestions are always welcome.   

  9. How long should I wait before I call to check in about my resume?

    • If you have not heard back from us regarding your resume you will need to make sure of a few things: 

      • Do you meet the minimum years experience required for the position?

      • If references are required have you sent them to us yet?

      • Did you receive a confirmation email about us receiving your resume? 

    • If you meet all these requirements and have not heard back please give us a call.

  10. I have already registered with Larkin, do I need to do it again?

    • If it has been a considerable amount of time (over a year) and we have not heard from you, chances are we will need to check in with you to see what has changed.  Also sending us an updated resume is appreciated (make sure to include in the subject line “UPDATED RESUME” so we file you in the correct place.)

  11. What is considered to be a good reference?

    • A good reference would be a letter written by a previous employer (doctor or office manager is best) that details your overall strengths, what your job entailed and how long you worked for them.  It is best to have this written “To Whom It May Concern:” on a company letterhead and signed.  We do not use character personal reference letters; we are interested in on-the-job reviews.

  12. I registered with Larkin and still don’t have a job, why is that? 

    • We do our best to find you the perfect job but we ultimately do not decide who is hired.  Unfortunately we cannot place everyone who walks through our doors.  Our advice to you is that you take advantage of every opportunity to find work; don’t let us be your only resource.  

  13. Can I just come drop off my resume?

    • We ask that you please send your resume to us through the requested channels (via email or fax.) Our appointments are booked in advance. After reviewing your resume and checking your references we will do our best to help you find a job and call you to set up an appointment.  By following the steps of our application process you will help us to better help you.  We respect your time and appreciate your patience!


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