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We are a third generation female-family owned and operated agency that provides personalized attention and a small company's commitment to excellence. Nancy and Amy, a dynamic mother-daughter team, have established an extensive network of contacts in the medical and dental fields throughout their careers.

Jane Larkin Friedland, a mother of 4, founded our agency in a time of overt sexism and racism. As a woman starting her own business during the Great Depression she faced many challenges and criticisms, but her tenacity helped her create a thriving business during an oppressive time. Our agency was founded on the principles of equal opportunity for all qualified people, and we are proud to say that we have placed tens of thousands of people from all backgrounds.

In 1964 Nancy joined the family business and began developing partnerships that have led to the continued success of our company. She has earned the respect of New York City's leading Physicians and Hospitals and has been staffing their offices since the beginning of their careers. She has been an integral part in creating successful offices throughout Manhattan, and her established reputation has given her the ability to work with the grandchildren of clients she has worked with in the past. 

From a young age Amy spent time in the Larkin office observing how her mother and grandmother ran the business. She has been working in different capacities for the agency for 20 years, but fully took over the dental division 15 years ago. Since then she has cultivated relationships with Manhattan’s top Dentists. Because she has earned advanced degrees in counseling psychology, she is able to utilize her background when working one on one with applicants to help them find not only a job, but a fulfilling career.


We value the relationships we have created with both clients and candidates over the last 80 years and look forward to building new partnerships as we work towards being 100 years in business. 

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